Text rendering in Dark Display mode

I have my iPhone and iPad Settings > Display & Brightness > Appearance > Dark (Automatic Off)

Bookmarks from NYT display as white ackground and black text)

Bookmarks from Washington Post display as black background and grey text — hard to read.

Is there a way to make WP white background, black text?





And how ho those web pages look when you display then in a browser in dark mode?

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Just like NYT > White background. Black text.


So apparently something is not ok with the web document’s rendering in dark mode. I’m not sure that DT can fix that.

If the rendering is identical in both DEVONthink To Go and a standalone web browser, it is likely that the web page itself doesn’t properly support dark mode. That would be better fixed by the web site owner.


When I open https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/interactive/2022/russia-oligarchs-sanctions-pandora-papers/ in Safari, Firefox, DuckDuckGo or Chrome on my iPhone set to Dark mode the page renders just like a NYT or other page would — white background with black text.

The way the page looks in DEVONthink To Go is completely different — dark background and dark text but not black text.

OK. Thank you. Noted as a bug.

The website expects the web view to have a white background even in dark mode. This is a flaw in the web page design (they should set the background color instead of expecting a default), but we’ve fixed it for one of the next updates.