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Would a toggle list feature be hard to implement in a text window? Using Notion and they have this List feature which essentially allows you to create outlines inside the text page besides the Outline that can be created on the side panel using “folders”. That would be the coolest feature to implement. Having DEVON’s powerful folder organizing system i note sidebar & a toggle list in the text view…Would be so cool!

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That’s not a text view in Notion. It’s a web view. Two very different things.

good point

This toggle feature is sooo much needed. If it was only available in the HTML Page editor then everyone would already be sooo satisfied (I realise the impact on conversions but I don’t care). We simply need the toggle list feature. Please…

I’m very DevonThink curious presently. Seems like it would be a great compliment to my setup. I must admit that I like the toggle list feature in Notion for quick segmenting of note content so damn much that it’s one of the main things that has kept me using Notion. Esp. for certain work like meetings where I have to segment and organize stuff on the fly. The future usefulness of the information depends on how well i do that parsing at that moment and that humble little triangle makes it so easy.

There are markdown editors providing a “collapse section” function, like VS Code and BBedit. Those can be used from within DT.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I guess i’m staying too much in a mode of having all desired features natively part of a single solution. Will check out BBedit again. Haven’t used it since the super early days of its existence when I was the one cranking out html instead of writing statements of work and checking thousands of emails.