Text View/Preview in HTML pages

Using DTPO 2, I found the button for viewing source code in HTML pages, but don’t see a menu option for it. Is there one?


No, this is only available via the navigation bar right now.

Does that mean it will be an option in the final release? I’ve created a custom keyboard shortcut in DTPO 1 that I used to toggle between source and preview in HTML pages, and it would be nice to have that back again.


No, it means that this might change some day depending on feedback & requests.

Is there a way for HTML page types to not render, but view as text when first clicking on them?

I’ve got a fairly organized DB for HTML/PHP/CSS/etc… code snippets in DTPO, but with PHP code, it returns a blank page by default (Preview). It would be nice to see the raw code when selecting an item. The color coding is nice too.

I did create a plain text copy of a code snippet, but when drag/drop that doesn’t copy the text, it places a path to the text file in my HTML code editor, whereas the HTML page type in DTPO lets me drag/drop the file and it places the raw code (very nice by the way).

p.s. Any others have a need for this and want to make feature requests? It would be a nice thing to have keyboard access to toggle preview and code view, especially since DTPO has a native HTML page type built in. :smiley:

There’s no such option yet but if there’s common interest in it, we’ll add one.

I want to have this feature, too.

To use DT as a code snippet, it’s also nice to have a global preference to toggle “Preview” (parse view) and “Text View” (code view). :slight_smile: