text wrap in table cells

Hello. How do I wrap text in table cells? Thanks

In what context - in an RTF file?

I found no other way to obtain a table than to use an open rtf document and choose Format > Table. Is there one?
However, that’s the context I was asking about, yes.

Over here, the text in RTF table cells wraps automatically as I reach the right boundary of that cell. Additionally, dragging the right border of a table cell left or right will change the width and therefore the amount of wrapped text in that cell.

Are you looking for a different behaviour?

korm is correct and this is the behavior of tables in RTF files.

If you are wanting just a simple matrix i[/i], Data > New > Sheet will provide a simple table.

Hello. Thanks both of you. The tables in rtf files seem to behave inconsistently. I don’t recall what I did to get a table that wouldn’t wrap text, but now, upon setting it up anew, text does wrap indeed.
However, new sheets seem nothing like tables. When creating one, I first get a window that says Columns -+, but clicking + does nothing, and clicking ok renders something that certainly isn’t a table. It’s a grey field with nowhere to write in. Bizarrely, when I write something into the choosing-colums window described above, I get one cell. I don’t think this is supposed to happen either.
Maybe there’s a manual on sheets somewhere. If there is, this little description of mine should read: Extremely non-selfexplaining sheets function.

If the no-wrap problem returns, I’ll report back.

Thanks again

Note only are sheets covered in the built-in Help but you can download a manual from here: devontechnologies.com/downlo … nuals.html
There are also posts about sheets on these forums.