Textbundle and textpack support on macOS and iOS

Native textbundle and textpack support on macOS and iOS, please! It would solve many problems with image-rich Markdown files.

I know, there is a open source Quick Look plugin, but firstly this plugin does not display referenced image assets (the main reason for textbundles!), plus Quick Look solutions don’t help on iOS.

This format would be a great modern replacement for the old-fashioned RTF format too!

I am using iThoughts for mindmapping on Mac/IOS. This tool has a complete markdown support and is able to export mindmaps in markdown as well as textpack. The thing is if I want to preserve the pictures in the mindmap, the way to go is via textpack.
From what i can see DT does not recognize textpack. Is there any plan to support this? Or maybe there is some other creative way to export mindmaps while preserving picture into markdown into DT?

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I can only second this!

There’s quite a list of notable apps supporting textpack: Bear, iThoughts, Marked 2, MindNode, Ulysses and more. So I think it certainly would be worth it for DEVONthink to support it too!

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+1 :slightly_smiling_face: