Textexpander support while adding new item


i tried to get textexpander working with DTTG. So far, it seems to only work when i edit a text item but when i press the + icon and add a new text item, the popup dialog doesn’t seem to support textexpander in neither the name nor the body. Am I doing this incorrectly?
i type “;name” and nothing happens. if i save the item and then edit it, “;name” immediately expands.


We will look into this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Not much choice now anyways other than being patient as my databases are wiped and sync stopped working :wink:

Is it a Dropbox sync location?

Yes. How did you know?

We’ve seen a few sporadic reports, but nothing conclusively pointing to any culprit. We also aren’t seeing any issues personally.

between my ipad, my iphone and my mac, none of them are in sync anymore.
If it helps, i have now installed DTTG fresh on my ipad and have synced one database (Global Inbox). On my mac i have 1 item in there, on my iphone i have 1 item in there (mind you, not the same…). On my ipad? 12! None of the two aforementioned and some of them are from 2016… It is beyond broken if a fresh install doesn’t help anymore.

Is this with a new sync location or an old one?

I have only ever had 1 location, quite old i suppose. Eric suggested wiping it and uploading everything again from my mac. I am doing that now.