Thanks for DT Pro

I recently bit the bullet and with the help of a MacSparky 20% coupon, upgraded to DT Pro. Here’s what I’ve found:

  1. Using Apple Mail was able to import hundreds of emails. (DT Pro wouldn’t load some active IMAP folders, so I moved those folders to On My Mac for the move and they appeared instantly.)

  2. I OCR scanned some multipage invoices upside down, because the return receipt was on the top of the first page of the invoice. DT Pro corrected the orientation of all documents to be upside up, which is fantastic! Totally unexpected, and a real time saver.

I have found that the best way to import a webpage is Markdown (clutter-free). Then you can edit the page and Convert to PDF multipage on DT Pro. Why edit? To remove unwanted pictures and captions, “Related Items” sections and “story continues below advertisement”, while keeping relevant charts and the like. Since Convert to PDF multipage makes a searchable PDF, none of the text is inaccessible for later use.

I’ve alluded to this before in other posts, but sometimes you have to use multiple programs of the same type to get things done. Spark for normal mail use on Mac and iPhone (it just looks and works better for me), but Apple Mail (Mac)/Preside (iOS) to get mail into DT/DTTG.


Try Formatted Note for Web capturing. It is as editable as MD but much more rich in content.

(And it is standard as well, it is a self-contained HTML file viewable even out of macOS).

Thanks for the nice comments and sharing your experience. :heart: :slight_smile: