Thanks for v3.5!

Really glad to see this update! Thanks to the DT team for the rigorous work and improvements. And thanks to the active DT community for all the comments and suggestions.

Looking back from 3.5 to 3.0 there have been a tremendous amount of adjustments.

Keep up the good work!


Must agree – well done!!


I agree as well.

Apart of my own indexed sync issues resolved, now databases are loaded waaaaaay faster, among other fancy stuff.

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Agreed! Looking at the release notes, it includes features that will help me address some of the edge cases where DT3 hasn’t quite saved me from frustration.

We have added several smart rule actions including two which allow you to parse a document’s name or contents and retrieve strings, dates, amounts, and even arbitrary data using regular expressions. Use the results to change attributes like a documents’ dates or custom metadata.

That right there is a superpower! :superhero:

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Great work, DT team! Thanks for the excellent work.


I chime in here with praise as well - lots of improvements, well done.

Out of curiosity: version number 3.0.4 --> 3.5 - is this a bug or a feature? I stupidly had expected 3.0.5 …

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Not a bug or a feature. Look at the release notes. This release isn’t just some bugfixes but many additions, improvements, and fixes.

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