That little list that pops up when I hit Esc

I love that little box that comes up when I hit escape in the text editor. Only two tweaks:

  1. Any way to have it scroll through the titles of my other documents in the DB, to facilitate wiki links instead of spelling?
  2. The box will sometimes extend below the bottom of the screen, making it hard to see what’s going on.

Still, it’s a nice little add on!

You’ve got me cold. When I’m editing a document and press the Escape key, nothing happens.

Tell me more. There are still lots of things I don’t know about DT Pro. :slight_smile:


I think you have to hit option-esc after a half completed word. Then it should give you a list of words in the dictionary that would complete the started word.


Oh, that. Thanks, erico. For a moment there I was looking for a DT Pro feature I hadn’t discovered (and I’m sure there are some). :slight_smile:

That’s not DT Pro code, it’s part of Apple’s Cocoa text code and is available in Cocoa applications including DT Pro, TextEdit, Pages and so on.

Yes, it is neat to type some characters, press Option-Escape and look at the list of words presented.

But DT Pro does have some tricks that let one look for other documents that contain a word, or a similar or related word. For example:

  • select a word and press the Option key. A drawer will slide out and display a list of documents that contain that word.

  • select a word and press Command-/. A search window will appear with the word inserted in the query field, ready to do a search.

  • open a document in its own window. Click on the Words button and a drawer will slide out, presenting a list of the words used in that document. Double-click on one and a search window will open, ready to run your search for documents that contain that word.

One can do fuzzy or Phrase searches on words. And check out the Spelling and Context buttons on the Search window. Old Samuel Johnson would have been delighted.

Is that the same as “See >>word<<” in the shortcut (contextual) menu? I don’t see how pressing just the Option key could invoke that since it’s a keyboard shortcut modifier. And I can’t find any keyboard shortcut for that menu command. Am I missing something?

No, it’s just the word completion of Mac OS X. The shortcut is Option-Escape, see command Edit > Complete. But in simple text fields Escape is also sufficient.

Try holding down the option key then clicking on a word (no need to select it first). Very cool.

Ahh… got it, thanks! More convenient than using the shortcut menu I mentioned. Easy to confuse this with the See Also button results since they share the same drawer, of course with different column names (See Also vs. Topics) and results. Strange there’s no “Topics” button since Classify has one and also shares that drawer (with a Groups column name). Inconsistencies prevail. :slight_smile: