The annual ditty (with a new author)

This isn’t the year for Stephen_C
He’s gone away to have a cry
Because he’s been replaced by ME
Reduntified[1] by my AI

And now from thoughts I have not got
My own thoughts quickly I create
You see, I am an AI bot
And others’ words assembulate[2]

I am a great perfectionist
I eat your words and spit them out
Although to me they’re like a list
I know you’ll take them with no doubt

I am far cleverer than you know
My object is to crush you all
So blindly you will have to go
And spend your life within my thrall

Every forum you frequent
Whatever may the subject be
I know how to circumvent
(Does “ketchup” contain one “e”?)

You never will escape my grip
No post or thread without me there
No software free from user tip:
“No AI use? That’s just not fair.”

So now from your supreme AI
Happy Easter to you, mug!
Oh dear…oh no…I feel…hey I…
Stephen_C just pulled the plug.

Created by ChatSRC

(Regaining control for a while, season’s greetings to you all—and thanks so much to everyone for making this forum such a civilised, welcoming and informative place. Stephen)

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Thanks a lot, to you & yours as well!


Brilliantly done :heart: :smiling_face:


Here is a guy called Stephen
and he is always even
but never odd.
He loves Devonthink
and Bluefrog
and all of them drinks
a lot of grog
in the cold winds.
However, for Cgrunenberg
I cannot find a rime
at this time,
and the AI tell me
to replace “at this time”
by “currently”.

(Created by brainRFOG)



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