The Archive files not found

I saw a thread about DEVONsphere not finding nvAlt files, but never saw a resolution. I use The Archive, which is a fork of nvAlt and nv. I notice that despite specifically adding the folder in which I keep these files, which are all .md, DEVONsphere does not index them. Not that big a deal since The Archive itself finds them, but I’m just curious why DEVONsphere would not? Spotlight, Alfred, and EasyFind find them.

Where’s the folder located, which search string and which version of DEVONsphere Express did you use?


Location: Folder is located in ~Dropbox/TextNotes/
DEVONsphere works perfectly to find other files in the Dropbox folder. I specifically added this folder after noticing the problem. Still no luck. No invisible .filename files in the folder. Just a bunch of .md files.

String: Just the name of the file. Most files are in this format: But DS won’t find simple names such as

Again, not a high priority since the folder is dedicated to The Archive files, and it works fine. I only noticed it because I used DEVONsphere to search for pdf in a different folder (successfully) and didn’t see The Archive file with a similar name. Then I searched specifically for Archive files and found none.

Version: DEVONsphere v. 1.93.

And are other files in the folder found, e.g. plain or rich text docs?

No, it doesn’t find any .txt files. I put a pdf in the folder to see if it would find it, but no luck. It is as if the folder is being excluded from indexing even though I have specifically included it as a location.

Could you please post screenshots of Preferences > Folders and Preferences > Categories? Thanks.

Is the index up to data in Preferences > General?

Set to automatic update. And I forced update now before posting the question and just a few minutes ago.

Here is the screenshot:

Screenshot 2019-09-16 10.49.59

And Preferences > Locations ?

TextNotes is within RobertFiles, but I added it specifically anyway this morning to see if that made a difference. I did not.

I’d suggest to file a bug report (see Help menu while pressing the Alt modifier key), maybe the logs will contain any hints.

OK. This is very strange. Now DEVONSphere is finding the files. Nothing changed. I updated the index again and the Locations preference screen shows files now. And it works. So bizarre. If it happens again, I’ll file the bug. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the follow-up.

Great products. Glad to help.

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