"the database already seems to be in use"


I’m not sure whether this is a bug, or normal behavior for my databases.

I’m running DTPro Office 2.0.1. and I sync my databases to an external drive to take things home (for synching, I use Synchronize X Plus). That works very well.

There are days when I don’t have time to work on things from home, so my syncing is essentially void: I return the next day in the office, and fire up DTPro without synching first with my external drive. And that’s when the message “Your database seems to be already in use” annoys me: what is actually happening? I’m sure it’s not in use, but somehow DTPro notices that the dbases have been changed (due to synching the day before?)? FYI: I’m synchronizing the folder that contains my d-bases.


You’ve probably synchronized the databases while they were in use (before closing them or quitting the application). Doing this might result in data loss.

Not really, though. I make sure I have DTPro closed before I start synching. And it’s easily repeated: I close DTPro (with several dbases running, or just one) and even close the database. After synching, I always get the message that the d-base is already in use. Could it be related to the DT-sorter - that one stays active even though DTPro is closed (and it contains inboxes to various d-bases)?

Thank you.

No, the Sorter doesn’t have access to the databases. Is it possible that the permissions are different on both machines?

I think I found out what happened: I had a few locked files on one side of the sync, and the one file that always came up for synching (even though I hadn’t changed anything anywhere) was a file called “devonthink.locked”. I removed the lock, and now everything appears to be working fine: after closing the database, synching does what it should do, and I don’t get any “this database seems to be already in use” messages anymore.

Thanks for you help!