the devonthink pro folder

i see I have a “DEVONthink Pro” folder in my home. It contains a OCR folder full of PDF files. Can I delete it? It is a part of a database or what?


If “in my home” is equal to “your home folder > Library > Caches” then it is OK to delete this.

Not, I mean ‘home’ folder:

/Users/fabrizio/DEVONthink\ Pro/OCR/

I think devonthink pro office beta creates it, 'cause I do not see recent files on it.

Yes, that is not currently used. I can’t even imagine it was created by our program because that place is a no-no for temporary files.

I have inspected another computer I installed the devonthink pro office beta and it has the Devonthink Pro/ORC folder in ‘home’.

I deleted the folder and tried again with the new version and it seems ok now.