[The Essentials] How to save a webpage ?


The way it is possible to save a webpage in DT is not crystal clear.

First of all, there is no way, when using a standard browser (safari, firefox) to use the service menu to save the webpage in your DT database. You can only take a text note.

In order to have a webpage in DT, I need to create a link. But I do not understand if this link load the HTML page from the web each time. If the answer is yes, is it still the case if I check the “locked/unlocked” box ?

Now if I want to save the html page in its current state (I do not want to have it updated), must I capture it in an HTML page ?

Is it possible to save a webpage in a way that will :

  • load if from the database if I am not connected to the net
  • load an updated version from the web if I am online ?

Exactly. This is a limitation of Mac OS X’s Services system.

Yes, a link document loads the data “behind” the link every time anew. Locking or unlocking the document does not change anything but that you cannot modify a locked link.


DEVONthink Personal Edition does not feature a “site sucker” that will also load and store all linked images. Offline arching will be a DEVONthink Pro feature.



Another alternative I sometimes use is to use the PDF Printing ‘Save to DEVONThink’ option to capture pages. This does a good job very quickly if you’re primarily interested in the text. It doesn’t, of course, keep the links operational.