The inbox of my global inbox is not showing....

and it’s driving me a bit batty. I have played with the various “views” options and nothing seems to help. My various database inboxes are fine - i.e I can see the files that they contain, but I cannot see the unsorted files in my global inbox. See image below.

Under ‘name’ I would usually see a list of items in the inbox. There are over 500, but I cannot see them:


The screenshot shows that the Tags group is selected. Command-click on the Tags group to deselect it.

To make certain that you are at the top level (root level) of the Global Inbox, click on the ‘Home’ button in the toolbar.

You should now see the documents contained in the Global Inbox.

Thanks Bill. Deselecting the"tags" subgroup worked.

I was expecting there to be a folder in the Inbox that is entitled “Inbox.” Did not there used to be something like that?

cheers. Thanks for your help - Ryan

No, the Global Inbox doesn’t have a separate Inbox component.

It IS an Inbox. :slight_smile: