The list screen on the left is transparent

In DEVONthink 3.0.4, the list screen on the left is transparent.
There is nothing wrong with Devonthink Pro 2.11 version.!

Which version of macOS and what kind of computer do you use? Do you use any third-party tools to change the appearance of macOS?

Thank you for answer. There was no problem in High Sierra.
I had a problem after upgrading to Canalina MacOS 10.15.3.
I don’t use no third-party tools to change the appearance of macOS [3|258x500]

Is your Mac officially supported by Catalina? How does the sidebar look like in Apple Mail or the Finder?

1.Finder : fine

  1. Apple Mail : fine

  2. My iMac unofficially support. I use Catalina Patcher

Actually I noticed this behavior recently also. I was doing some work and moving some things around and I noticed that the sidebar had turned green. So I started looking through preferences and the manual, etc. to figure out what I had accidentally done to cause this change. Then at some point (thankfully after only about 10 minutes) I realized that I had a web page open under the DT window that was really really green. I moved that window and magically DT looked normal again :slight_smile: