The Look

Hi, I love DEVONagent. Thanks for a great product.

Are there any plans in the future, to include the option to change the appearance of the Query window and the browser window from metal to a customised theme - unified or aqua, for example? And also the option to customise the buttons in the respective toolbars - to change them from the Safari lookalikes to something more in keeping with the individuality of DEVON Technology products?

We have plans to change the query window to Aqua, and maybe the whole application to the Unified Title and Toolbar look, but we will definitely not add customization options. Also, we think that DEVONagent looks really DEVONish, doesn’t it?

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, overall, DEVONagent is very DEVONish - the query window, notwithstanding the metal look, perhaps more so than the browser window. Although the browser window does not have the metal look, personally, I would prefer that the toolbar icons were even more individually DEVONish and less Safarilike. Changing the whole look of the application to the Unified Title and Toolbar look gets my vote! Thanks again!