The new Devonthink 3 Design is NOT an improvement

Hi all, I just updated from the old version, what a disapointment to see the beautiful clear colored toolbar changed in an minimalistic greyish unclear bar.
First you could work really FAST, See the button you need from a corner of your eye… and now… all those tiny grey icons look the same. Reducing Functionality.
For someone who likes to work Fast this is horrible, please bring the old bar back under Interface settings.

The buttons are Too Small!

Given that DT3 is several years old, I doubt that they’re going to change it much now.


The interface follows the current appearance of the operating system and macOS applications. And quite honestly, there are people on both sides of this fence.

  • If we change it, some say,“Hey! It should look like it used to!?!?” and make accusations of making changes just to make changes.

  • If we don’t, some say, “Hey! This doesn’t follow Apple’s human interface guidelines and style!” and make accusations of not remaining modern.

This even goes down to the application / dock icon.

And sorry but no, it’s not some simple matter to support multiple versions of an interface.

What specifically are you expecting to see from the corner of your eye ?