The Snippets paste function does not work in Excel VBA

First: great tool and helped me to organise and structure my hundreds of apps.

Now I try to build up a snippets library. One important part therefor are code snippets for use in the Excel VBA Editor. While Snippets work in normal Excel Sheets it doesn’t in the VBA Editor. So after clicking a snipped I always have to use CMD+V to insert the text from the clipboard.

btw. I also made an Automator App to create Snippets out of a selected text. This also doesn’t work in the VBA Editor. I have to use CMD+C to move the text into the clipboard. I reported this to apple, maybe this is the same use case.

This is probably the same issue then and presumably needs to be solved by Microsoft.

Great idea and I was afraid of this !

But as user I do not have any possibility to open a ticket at Microsoft. If you as well known developer open a ticket when some of your functions doesn’t work because of microsoft failures, there is a chance that this will bi fixed.

I’m afraid we don’t have a better channel to Microsoft as you have as a customer. But we’ll keep an eye on this issue.