The vagaries of text-editing on mobile devices

Here’s an interesting, but long post on the problems of text editing on current mobile devices.

As “note-taking” on mobile is discussed regularly here, it might be interesting for someone.


Very interesting perspective :slight_smile:

… which is why people who do serious writing on phones and tablets tend to use external keyboards. Which don’t completely fix the issues, but definitely help.

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Tablet yes; the external external keyboard is shared with my Mac Mini
I doubt “serious writing” is done on a phone

I do “serious” editing on my “serious” documents on my iphone (with Scrivener) sometimes. ipad i can do a bit more “serious” writing along with editing. Mac does it all. I am happy using each device for what it can do rather than worry about it cannot do.

The linked article mentions students who write entire papers on their phones. Not everyone has the luxury of multiple devices.

It certainly isn’t the environment I would choose, either.


I don’t know what we’re defining as “serious writing” here (content or volume?), but plenty of folk have written entire 50k+ word stories on their phones. That’s been true since the rise of internet mobile really, there are entire subcultures of the internet that are basically powered by mobiles.

I used to blog from an iPhone. Not especially by choice, I was just without an iPad for a couple of years and my iPhone was my only device (outside of work).


And entire countries. A fixed desk with consistent electricity is a rarity in a large chunk of the world.