The Wit and Wisdom of Bill DeVille

Hi all-

I’m a fairly new user of Twitter, and was intrigued to learn that Howard Rheingold had recently started to use DEVONthink. He had put the word out for perspective on the program, and having some small history in this forum, I shared a few of Bill DeVille’s longer postings, which I have always found to be valuable for their insights.

But given what Mr. Rheingold has done for this world (and I mean that literally), I really thought I should share more, and so I decided to put together a DTPO database with all 4930 of Bill’s posts in it, going all the way back to 2003.

You can find it here:
weighing in at 66.8Mb.

I also have put up my scripts and intermediate files in case anyone might want them:
This one is 26.3Mb.

It’s just finished, but I’ve already had some fun reading through some of the “long-form” stuff, sorted by word count. I hope that if folks find specific posts they really like, maybe they can post the number here? The title of each record is the “post number,” and if you look at the URL above, maybe, you can see how they are used to retrieve individual posts.

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Charles – many thanks for making “The Collected Works” of Bill DeVille available to the wider community! This is very kind, and I am sure many of us will enjoy this useful collection!

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Charles: this is a very kind thing for you to do for the DT community. I’ve often collected Bill’s posts, and now you’ve given us the complete works. What a treat! :exclamation:

Well, your welcome!

In my previous post I didn’t really mention how much Bill has contributed to the world of DEVONthink, and although I’m sure readers know how much, it bears acknowledgement.

Another question for users of the database: I stopped short of providing links to the Forum content, largely because if I put them in the URL field, clicking on it would replace the webarchive content.

I could put the info in the Spotlight comment field, which I think is common, or does someone else have a suggestion or preference?

(All of this is very easy to issue as an Applescript patch.)

Best wishes, Charles

Charles, that’s very flattering.

But opinions may vary. Should it be “wit” or “half-wit”? :slight_smile:

The fact is that I’ve been using DEVONthink since 2002 and continue to spend a lot of time in it.

My thanks go to Christian and Eric for such powerful and versatile applications.

Many thanks for posting this! And for your scripts and helpful postings.

Thanks so much for this. Posts like this are why I keep coming back to these forums!