Theme: solarized light (tan background) possible?

Hello, I am new to DTPro. I am used to working with a tan background in different apps (Scrivener, Bear , etc). I looked at pref→ general, edit, colors but I see no way to change the background. Is this correct ?
The RGB for tan background are: TAN COLOR: R (247) G (233) and B (216).
thanks in advance for your time and help !

There’s no such setting currently.

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To change the background of… what?

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To change the background of a RTF or similar, presumably, which is doable by configuring a document in TextEdit with a coloured background: Format > Font > Show Fonts, and choosing the document background toolbar item; set your colour (and font, etc., too, I guess), and then save that as a template in DT3: Data > New from Template > Open Templates Folder, and putting it somewhere in there.

You could assign a keystroke shortcut by binding the name of the menu item in macOS System Preferences. You can also use a toolbar icon if you add an AppleScript that emulates the keystroke and place it in ‘Toolbar’ in the scripts folder.

But admittedly this is something of a tiresome workaround for a missing feature, as it’s one custom template per configuration.

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A perfect solution, and simple to implement because I can write a keyboard maestro macro to access the menu.

You can see an example of the background below (I still have minor adjustments to make). I also created my own template folder in DT3’s Templates Folder.

There is one step that I don’t understand:
After choosing the font and the background, I tried to follow your instructions: DT3: Data > New from Template > Open Templates Folder → I clicked on the folder where I wanted to the the template and then … what do I do ? I expected to see a Save button, but there are no buttons, and there is no automatic save. The folder remains empty. I repeated a few times and the results were the same.
If I go DT3: Data > New from Template > Open Templates Folder , there are no new templates anywhere.

Thanks very much for your answer. Very well written, very didactic and intelligent.

@BLUEFROG : the document background.

@BLUEFROG @cgrunenberg
thank you for your replies. @avatar has a good solution.

I jump in, hope @avatar doesn’t mind.

When you’ve finished styling the TextEdit document, just save it as an RTF into that Templates folder. (Or of course you could save it onto the Desktop and then drag it into that folder.)

Note that, strictly, the menu Data > New from Template > Open Templates Folder just reveals the templates folder - it doesn’t actually open it (at least that is the case with me), so you’ll have to double-click the “Templates.noindex” folder (that’s its actual name) to open it.

Put the styled RTF inside the “Templates.noindex” folder.

Then it will appear in DT3 in the menu: Data > New from Template. If you just saved it straight into that Templates folder, it should appear in that menu; but you could make a folder in the templates folder with all your custom templates - e.g., “My Templates”, in which case it would appear in Data > New from Template > My Templates.

Yep, you can do it from inside DT3 as well (styling it from the fonts panel, etc). I guess I just got into the habit of doing it from TextEdit for some reason. Maybe the export way is simpler!

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