There is Something Wrong When Scanning Documents

I 've scanned three documents with ScanSnap S1300 and ScanSnap Manager 7.2 L51 on macOS 12.6.2. After I had scanned the documents I brought the small window of the first scanned document in front by clicking on it with the mouse. Then I 've chosen where to save these PDF file of the first scanned document.

But now I can not find the small window of the second scanned file as well as those of the third one. On the left bottom of the main window of DT3 I see there are the both other files in progress, but every interaction with DT3 is failing. And when I hit the F3 key the small windows with the second and the third scanned document won’t appear.

Is this a bug in DT3 or am I doing something wrong?

I am not seeing an issue here however I am using ScanSnap Home. Were all the documents imported successfully?