There's a new DT3 instructional video at

I’m not affiliated with them in any way but always benefit from their teaching. Here’s the video description:

DEVONthink is one of the most powerful database applications made for the Mac. In fact, some people have said this one application makes it worth getting a Mac just to run it!

In the second of this three-part foundation tutorial, Todd covers the many ways you can view your database and goes over setting up workspaces. He also shows you how to work with the rich metadata that you can assign to your files inside of DEVONthink, then goes over how you can use groups and tags as a way to organise the information inside your databases.

The full tutorial covers

  • Setting Up Views
  • Using Workspaces
  • Info Inspector
  • Annotations & Reminders Inspector
  • Content & Documents Inspectors
  • Organizing Your Databases with Groups
  • Using Group Items Command
  • Using Classify
  • Working with Duplicates & Replicants
  • Using Group Similar Items
  • Using Smart Groups
  • Using Tags
  • Converting Data to Tags
  • Merging Tags
  • Global vs. Database Specific Tag Views
  • Organizing Your Database with Tags

Show Links: Devon Technologies - Devonthink 3

Thanks for the heads-up. :slight_smile: