Thinking about using devonthink pro

Dear All,

I have just purchased a macbook and was looking for a app similar to copernic. I basically need an app that scan/search my emails on outlook mac version and any documents on my hard drive.

Please advise.


I have no knowledge of copernic, but why not download the trial version of DEVONthink and give it a spin yourself? That’s the best way to see if it is going to work for your needs.

From your description - I assume you’ve been using Copernic Desktop. A few similar products on the Mac are Spotlight (comes with OS X), DEVONsphere Express (from DEVONtechnologies), Houdah Spot, and Tembo. DEVONthink can “scan/search” your documents if you have a DEVONthink database where they are imported or indexed (i.e., inside the database) – but otherwise, it doesn’t search the hard drive.

If you’re looking for something like Copernic Agent, then try DEVONagent from DEVONtechnologies.