Hello, I had the THINK PERSONAL for a while with no problems, upgraded to the PRO BETA when
it was released and didn’t notice any problems. Then downloaded the full PRO. Now some or all
of my newer entries done in the BETA version open up small.(197 x 256 pixels vs 612 x 792 pixels)
If I press the “+” button the doc whon’t get bigger…Just blurry. They are to small to read.
Any Ideas?..Regards…


DT Pro isn’t finding the PDF file and is only displaying its icon.

You say this affects newer entries. Check your preferences to make sure that you are importing (copying) PDFs to the database or to the database Files folder. But if the original PDFs are externally linked, have you moved or deleted them in the Finder after the import? If so, DT Pro can’t find them.

Another question: Do you have Adobe’s Acrobat Reader plugin installed in Internet plugins in your Library (either in the boot volume Library or in your User Library)? If so, throw it away. It will cause problems with browser (Safari or DT Pro) display of PDFs

‘Tank you vedy much’…The prefs somehow changed to external link & I didn’t realize
I was staring at an Icon.
I have a !st cousin who lives in your town & am glad to hear alls OK there.