This is very annoying: saving into DEVONthink using File

Hi, this happens when trying to save a FOLDER from an application (like Zipped) to DTTG: a message pops out saying that “it’s impossibile to communicate with a support application”.

This is very annoying and I can see no way to import this folder inside DTTG where all other stuff regarding this project is present. What should I do?


try to share the zip-File under IOS either to DTTG directly or to Files and choose your destination.

Best way is always to use the share function within IOS and share it to DTTG.

Hope that helps.

At the moment it’s not (yet) possible to import a whole folder. It’s on our (long) to-do list though.

I use DEVONthink on the mac to index the project folder, so if I needed to add a folder of files while on my ios device, I would send it to the cloud based project folder (Box in my case). The mac version would index the items and make them available in DEVONthink To Go.

Not all my projects are external to DEVONthink, but if it involves documentation, I move the DT group to the external folder and then I am free to use git for version control of my markdown file and add an images folder.