This markdown document contains only metadata

I often create markdown document on my Mac, and in this case, it is “clean” markdown meaning, just text, like.

03-08-21 14:05 OS: customer called and bla. bla.

When I vied this in DTG after sync on my iPad, I get the message: “This Markdown document only contains metadata…” but if I edit the document in DTG, I then see the markdown text.
Also, if I make changes in DTG on the iPad, maybe just do a carriage return on the fist line, then the document views perfect on the iPad. :thinking:

An empty line (or a line not containing a colon) marks the beginning of the document’s body.

OK :grinning:

Form DEVONthink To Go’s ? > Help > View and Edit Documents > Text and Markdown

Note the Markdown Metadata subsection.