This record has no image data for OCR!

Hello. I have imported a PDF into DTPO and tried to convert it to Searchable PDF. However, I received the following error according to the log/action: This record has no image data for OCR!

Would appreciate any input on how to rectify this problem. Thank you!

Please start a Support Ticket and ZIP and attach the PDF. Thanks.

Thanks so much Bluefrog…I tried up loading but it is a 2GB file–when zipped it was just over 1GB. I resolved the problem by splitting the PDF which is not what I wanted to do. It was originally a book I downloaded and converted to PDF so I could use it for research in DTPO.

If I opened in Preview and copied 1000 pages (or just under 1GB), it would import and OCR scan automatically; much over that and it would just be a PDF. When I tried to convert this PDF I got the error message. So now I have 4 PDF’s that are OCR’d which is great.

Was this a size issue or limitation on DPTO/ABBYReader? Any input going forward would be great. I have several other textbooks I want to OCR for research and this was a pain and time consuming. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Where are you getting 2GB PDFs from? These sound like very poorly constructed documents (possibly a large number of pages and too much resolution). For example, if the document was scanned at 600dpi and run through OCR, there is no reason to keep the resolution at 600dpi. 150dpi is more than sufficient (and I still think a little overkill) for onscreen viewing.

It was a 568 page e-book that was converted to PDF (and when it did, it ended up being 4000 pages…Weird). It was perfectly readable but the text was a bit large. That’s how it ended up being 2GB. Is there a limit to how large a PDF can be and convert to OCR? It is odd if I broke it down it went fine (albeit it took a while).

What did you do the conversion from PDF with - Calibre?

Yes. If there is a better tool to use, that will achieve my outcome, I’m all ears! :smiley: