threaded feed reading?

Since a few days I am testing DTP as rss reader (mainly this forum’s feed). All fine so far. I miss only one thing (or have not figured out how to do it): sorting the items by thread. The closest I could get was sorting by Title, but that scrambles the time sorting and will not deal with “Re:”

Has anyone a solution for threaded viewing of feeds? Did I miss something?


The only solution coming to my mind is currently scripting. But due to your request, I’ve tried to (auto) group items of feeds and noticed that it doesn’t work although selectable :wink: This will be fixed by 2.0.2 (also applies to merging).

Thanks Christian. Scripting was the right direction to find a solution, but probably not the way you meant it. While digging into a scripting approach I discovered the very very simple solution: sorting by URL does the trick. The URL contains topic number and post number which bring the items into my desired order. Sometimes things can be so easy :smiley:.