Three cheers for Devontechnologies

DT is supporting Ukraine - that’s massively nice.

I use DT for many things, including poking at our government when such a thing is needed.

DT is great for my financial records, it’s wonderful for note-taking, it’s nigh-on irreplaceable for story planning.

And, when needed, it’s artillery behind my word processor. Very fitting that DT supports resistance to tyrants.

Thank you!


I use DT to store/organize my notes/documents/files
How are you using DT to poke at “our government”???

it’s wonderful for note-taking

imho Wonderful for note-storage/organization; average for note-taking
For note-taking, I prefer handwriting on my iPad with an Apple Pencil and the Notability app

DT is great for my financial records

I store all my financial transactions in DT; including scanned receipts
and export to a spreadsheet for budget/expense reports

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Thank you very much for the kind words, @Amontillado :pray:t2:


By “poke at the government” I mean when I find something that isn’t right, I use DT to build up notes and research. I am not “woke” and I don’t rant for no reason.

For example, I found a point of state election law that isn’t respected and allows a security vulnerability. Nobody has listened (yet), but I’m hopeful.

Call me an activist, I guess. When I see something, I say something. DT helps with petitioning the government.

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