Three Items for DTPO beta

I realize that there is some overlap with other postings (notably on 1).

  1. When using CMD-Option to index one or a set of files being moved to DT, it seems necessary to select the files, start moving them, and hit CMD-Option while they over over the DT window. It would be more nearly intuitive to have the option work if CMD-Option is used from the outset (I beat my head on a wall for quite a while on this). Perhaps there is a bug, since the manual does not suggest the sequence that works.

  2. It would be useful to have the Import option have suboptions or to add a option that might be called, e.g., “Import as Alias” or “Index Selected Files”.

  3. When DT is open with a particular data base and I open an additional data base, DT does not seem visibly to respond. A new window not not pop up, the new data base is not shown as available under the Window menu, and there is no indication that something has happened. I now understand that the data base appears under OPEN DATABASES on the side. However, I have DT open with the “Do Nothing” option, so that pane is not present to be seen (unless I think to click the DT icon again). Also, I now understand that if I use File/New Window, I will see the new data base listed. Recommend: (1) have the additional data base show also under Window menu as it would, say, in Excel or Word [perhaps in an item of OPEN DATABASES]; (2) consider having it appear as a new window by default; if DT opens with the “do nothing option,” and the user uses File/Open to open a database, have it pop up immediately [I think this issue constitutes a bug].

  4. I have also thought that DT erroneously claims that a data base is already open. I have gotten many such warnings. However, I believe now that those may all be due to a combination of (1) above.

You overran your allotted three items by 25%

Isn’t this identical to the command File > Index?

Yes, I think File/Index is what I was looking for.