Three Keyboard Maestro Macros for dealing with aliases + one for Pandoc

This concludes my series of threads about how I use Wiki-links and aliases. If you haven’t seen the other two parts, here is the first and here is the second.

In a nutshell, on the first one I suggest that using automatic Wiki-Links can be an interesting path in building a glossary, while having aliases account for morphological variations of words - something particularly handy in working with ancient languages. This turns DEVONthink into a very powerful tool for language learning and for dealing with conceptually challenging texts.

On the second, I suggest using Wiki-links as a way to provide instant access to texts that use a specific numbering system. I used as an exemple the Bekker Numbering system used in the works of Aristotle. Once you have all aliases in place, you can always access whatever part of the corpus you need at any given time.

Now, to the tools that made all of this possible…

I wish I could share with you stand-alone solutions and scripts that anyone could use without third-party softwares. However, my scripting knowledge is very incipient and the best I could do was to piece together snippets of code I found here and there which I then edited and organised in Keyboard Maestro (a great tool, by the way. Highly recommended).

The three macros for working with aliases are following:

I’ve added some explanations to the macros themselves and indicated which macro bears relations to which part of the “How I use Wiki-Links…”

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

A Pandoc DT3 macro

Last, but not least, I’ve also added a macro for doing conversions with Pandoc. This macro actually relies on a script by @cgrunenberg - with some modifications by @Silverstone - that I found here on the forum. My contribution to the script is a prompt for parameters in order to customize the conversion process. There is, of course, still room for improvement as I am still to add template support (if there are any volunteers to help me with this one, I would be grateful) and bibliography.

Hopefully, it will be useful to some of you here.