Thumbnail with linked images not fully rendering

First, I love the thumbnail feature for documents. I have noticed that it does not show embedded images when they are linked within the database. They do, however, show embedded images when they are linked to the web. I know that this is a small detail, but it would be great if the thumbnail generation process rendered the full document (including CSS) and then took the snapshot.

In my example image, you can see the thumbnail on the left which only shows the image icon where I have a graphic linked in the database, but when I open the document there is a full image. This appears to only affect graphics in the DB as you can see the thumbnail perfectly renders an image from the web.

This is a multimarkdown document.

What kind of document did you use?


Wait… so this is a MultiMarkdown document with a “graphic link” to what exactly?

In the screenshot, the graphic link that is not showing in the preview is a devonthink-item:// link to a png image in my database.

![](x-devonthink-item://19588BEA-BBB3-4210-8E4A-AC9AB751239F "Marking Time")

The image that is showing is a link to a jpg graphic on the web.

[![The Time You Have (In Jelly Beans)](]( "The Time You Have (In Jelly Beans) on YouTube")

The screenshot is a side-by-side of the same document. One in the preview (thumbnail) which is on the left. The other, on the right, is the file when I open it up.

I’m a little confused by your use of the term embedded when referring to links in the Markdown. Unless, I missing some detail, this is a linnked image in Markdown, using the item link of a PNG file in a database.

Per my previous post - you are correct, it is a linked image in the database. I meant embedded when referring to the HTML output., Sorry for the confusion.

Simply put, images linked within the DB are not rendering, images linked externally are.

images linked within the DB are not rendering,

Does the linked image still exist?
My screencap clearly shows a linked image in a DEVONthink database displaying correctly.

Yes, as is shown by the image on the right (same file)

The file on the right in your initial screen capture is a MultiMarkdown file, not an image. You can link to the file, i.e., without the ! before [], but it’s not an image so you can’t use that syntax.

You’d need to generate a separate thumbnail file and link to that.

I think that I’ve totally confused you in my explanation.

The screenshot I posted is two states of the same file. The left side is what the thumbnail of the multi-markdown document looks like. It has an icon instead of an actual image in the preview. The right side is the file when I’m viewing it (i.e. double click and open the file). As you can see in the screenshot, there is an image (says, “Marking Time”) and no icon.

I am trying to say/report that attempting to link images within the database are not rendered in thumbnails, even though they are showing in the actual file. I used this document because in the thumbnail on the left you can see an image (says, "Your Life = 28,835 Days…) which is an externally linked file (it’s not in my database but on YouTube).

Point 1: Image outside of database loads in thumbnail using ![](URL_to_Image.ext)
Point 2: Image inside of database does not load in thumbnail using ![](x-devonthink-item://...)
Point 3: Both images load when you open the file in the viewer

Beta 5 will improve this.

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