ThumbsUp GIF trouble...

When I convert this screenshot to a Gif w/ ThumbsUp it renders it unreadable even at the highest quality settings.  I’ve tried different settings, etc.  Any ideas why it’s doing this?


After converted to Gif:

Also, could you add the option to remove jpeg metadata (ICC, IPTC & EXIF) to make the files bunches smaller like the SmallImage app does?  Just hopin’

Thank you so much for making this application!

The GIF conversion is done by Quartz, and Apple’s implementation is far from being perfect. We’ll add our own method for GIF conversion in a future version of ThumbsUp.

The conversion to JPEG (also done by Quartz) should already remove all kinds of metadata automatically.


Thanks Eric!   :slight_smile:

Did you get a chance to look at my question about editing the wordservices plist in the other thread?