Thunderbird mail w/attachments

I’m running DT3b3; I’ve have mail msgs in thunderbird which have attachments; In thunderbird I do a “Save” and save the msg to my global inbox; The mail msg shows in DT with an attachment icon (paper clip) and when I look at the msg it shows an attachment; The attachment names look correct but end in “dms”, eg: foobarPict.JPG.dms or fool.pdf.dms

The attachment links appear clickable (they are underlined in blue) but nothing happens when I click on them…

If I save the email msgs to my downloads folder I do see they have the embedded attachemnts and can be reopened fine…
So how can I see the attachments in DT3?

Double-clicking should open the attachment in its default app. It’s also possible to drag & drop the attachments to other apps.

Thats what I would have expected; All it does is beep when I double click on it. Is it trying to run an app to open the foo.jpg.dms file?

When I import from apple mail it creates a folder with the mail and a separate attachment, I was hoping to get back to having the images displayed inline in the mail…

Could you zip such a file and send the archive to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks.

done! Tks

Beta 4 will fix this.