TiddlyWikis "inside" DT -- an alternate approach t

There are some interesting TiddlyWikis available now that implement GTD-style todo list management, for example accela.net/~dankna/tiddlywiki/). This plugin also works with DT’s WebKit-based html display.

Tiddlywiki documents can be indexed by DT and appear in the DT database. If they are indexed only and not imported, they display in the DT html viewer but retain their functionality and save data to their location on disk (assuming that the plugin mentioned above is installed in ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins). So the Tiddlywiki document can be used from within DT to manage the multiple views of todo lists (something that’s still awkward in DT), while the DT database can provide folders for the GTD Inbox, Read/Review, project support files and reference.

Cool idea! I’ve just set it up.

Thanks, I never heard about TWs. This is a very interesting concept! I’ll set it up as well.

Really I can’t use DT Pro without my TW to-do list. It’s very to use and really useful. I can’t recommend it warmly enough.
Also, if you’re interested in this concept, may I suggest you read this presentation of MicroContent.

Edit. — Over the last few days, I read lots of things about the semantic Web, microformats and Semantic MediaWiki, a project for extending MediaWiki, the wiki system powering Wikipedia.

I have indexed the tidlywiki document I have on my local drive. I have the plugin above installed and it works fine with Safari. Not so with DT.

Save feature does not work.

Any ideas?