Time Machine Consuming Outrageous Amount of Disk Space?

I am not sure if this is a DT3 issue but I am considering that it might because of the recent discussion about some anomalies with macOS handling database mounting and backups. Maybe this is related or maybe it has nothing to do with DT3 at all.

In the main SSD in my Mac I use up just over 2 Tb out of 8 Tb. The initial Time Machine backup was 2.3 Tb in size and how grown over about 2 weeks to 2.5 Tb (see attached).

The puzzle is… While the Finder list on the Time Machine SSD shows that Time machine data takes up 2.5 Tb, the Get Info pane for the same SSD shows that over 5 Tb has been used in total on the drive. In fact the Get Info total for the Time Machine SSD grew from 4 Tb to 5 Tb in only 2 days while the main drive barely grew at all and remains at 2.5 Tb used.

What could be causing the TIme Machine SSD drive to fill so rapidly without showing up in the Finder directory of files? Is it possible that when I edit a DT3 database, Time Machine is creating an entirely new copy of the database and also retaining all of the prior versions of the same file, so that even a tiny edit consumes a huge amount of space on the. Time Machine backup?

Do you use large encrypted databases?

Large? Yes (70 Gb). Encrypted? No

OWC suggests I exclude the Volume from Spotlight - that is good advice overall since it is a backup volume though I did not realize Spotlight indexes Time Machine Backups.

OWC also suggests I clear the disk cache with OnyX https://titanium-software.fr/en/onyx.html . I will do that and see if the problem recurs.