Tip: DT iPhone Web App rtfd View

I was having problems viewing rtfd files on the DT iPhone web app.

Often the text was enlarged so I had to scroll left to right to view the file’s text and images.

I found a workaround. If I resize the JPEG to be physically/visually smaller (meaning pixel size not storage size), then the iPhone web app doesn’t try to enlarge anything. The fonts remain visible without scrolling.

Basically I just have to fit the JPEG to the iPhone screen resolution of 315 pixels wide. I use Preview or Live Quartz (any image editor) to resize the file to make sure the image width is at 315 pixels or smaller.

This works out anyway as I like super-compressed, super-small (but blurry) images for small database size, fast cloud sync, and fast iPhone viewing.

I believe the iPhone 3.0 OS will finally make viewing rtfd more convenient for users and developers.

In the mean time this workaround works out great.

The Air Sharing app, by the way, allows one to view rftd perfectly right now. But again, no cloud sync and no DEVONthink magic like search and smart groups right within the iPhone web app.

EDIT: Changed 320 to 315. At 320 it still complicates scrolling with left to right issues. 315 is perfect. Not perfect, but a workaround for now.