Tip of the Day

When I sign in to DevonThink Pro Office, there is a splash screen that comes up and on it there are a couple of teasers right under the Newsletter signup. One is the Tip of the Day and the other is the Extra of the Day. I have never been able to find the full information on either of them. How do you get to those things from that page?

This is on the Welcome Page in the Support Assistant. Over here, clicking on the links below the Tip or the Extra will navigate to the page in the Support Assistant that contains that Tip or Extra. There can up to nine Extras on a page - the one that is mentioned on the Welcome page will be somewhere in that group of up to nine Extras.

Gotta tell you I’m impressed. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried that before and not had the appropriate Tip or Extra pop up. Thanks! :wink: