Tip: Scripts with keyboard shortcuts - beware of symlinks

Here a tip about Applescripts in DEVONthink’s script folder. If

  1. you use scripts with keyboard shortcuts in the name (like “Move Name To Comment__Shift-Alt-P.scpt”) and
  2. you link these scripts via symlinks from elsewhere into your script folder (e.g. in order to keep your scripts in a cloud-synced location)

then make sure both the real script (in the cloud location) and the symlink in the script folder contain the keyboard shortcut in the name. So, the symlink needs to look like this example:

Move Name To Comment__Shift-Alt-P.scpt -> ~/Dropbox/synced-scripts/Move Name To Comment__Shift-Alt-P.scpt

Do not have the keyboard shortcut only in the symlink (like

Move Name To Comment__Shift-Alt-P.scpt -> ~/Dropbox/synced-scripts/Move Name To Comment.scpt

) or vice versa. Because if you do, the shortcut won’t work.

Hope this helps. - It did bite me… :dizzy_face:

Thanks for posting this tip! The filename of the fully resolved path is indeed used, therefore the filename of any symbolic links or aliases doesn’t matter.