TIPS: DTTG as mobile receipt scanner in the store

DevinThink is by far the app that surprises me in a positive way more than any other app I ever used!

Was looking to find a workflow where I can scan a receipt with my iPhone in the store and then forget about it. Tried different apps and combination with FileMaker, Notability, Notes, Photos etc.

Just found out that in DTTG there IS a function - just press + in the far down left corner and then media and New Photo and voila there you go!

Receipt is saved in DTTG:s Global Inbox, syncs with DTPO on my Mac and then can be OCR:ed and put in to my Receipt Group.

Only question I have is how I can move the Global Inbox´s content to my Main Inbox but thats an other chapter.

GREAT thing however and very useful.

Very nice – thank you.

Can you explain more?

I have a MacBook PRO so trying to save space on the screen so making my sidebar as minimal as possible.

I only Show stuff I have in my Main database, and there I can not see the Global Inbox, just my Main Inbox.

(Far too large image, know I did shrink it once before…

Maybe arrange the Global inbox in a window at the top of your screen, and the Main database in a window at the bottom or your screen?

I will try. Would prefer a short cut or maybe do a smart group.

I use a dedicated scan app in iOS to scan receipts or even full documents. The app is optimized for documents so it makes it square and exposes it properly. I use Scanner Pro but there are others. Use the share feature to send it to my favorite DTTG database and on to DTPO.


Perhaps the folks at DT will do even better as DTTG grows up, who knows. :wink:

I did so too, Scan+ from Smile. But when the same company just turned their TextExpander over to subscriptions wanted to look for other options for the future.

And ironically enough the app I love most and use daily but only know 10% could do exactly what I was looking for! And I can sync via WiFi so nothing important goes via the cloud. Just amazed how much thinking and time the developers must have put in to this single system.

I am a newbie even if I used the DevonThink ECO-system for two years now and knowing it can do receipts on the go, and even voice recordings was new to me.

Will spend some time reading up on the Manual again.

I give up Korm :wink:

Help me! Can I have Global Inbox as a button on the menu? Or can I make it a Smart Group in my Main Database?

korm is referring to having two windows stacked, one with the Global Inbox and the other with your Main database.

Aha, trying to save space so not the best.

Is there a smart way to make a Smart Folder that replicates all that is in the Global Inbox.

Read some previous posts and it seems that the Global Inbox for programming reasons is “The Holy Grail” that should not be messed with.

No you cannot put a Smart Group in your database that displays the contents of the Global Inbox.

You screen must be very tiny.

  1. You can show / hide the Global Sidebar with [size=150]^⌥⌘D[/size]

  2. You can reduce the size of the Global Sidebar to show only the icons:

  1. If you are using Sierra, then the databases can appear in different Sierra windows and you just change tabs to see the Global Inbox

Though, I suspect the only answer is the one you’ve said you want to hear. So, yes, you can write a script that opens the global inbox and add that script to your toolbar as a button. Maybe someone would be interested in doing this for you.

Why not just capture the New Photo to the inbox of your Main database in DEVONthink to Go to begin with? The ‘+’ button will save the photo to whatever group you are viewing at the time, or to the root of the database if that’s what you are viewing.

Greg_Jones thanks!

You solved it, I have created a Receipt Group and it works perfect!!!

I didn’t´t know that DTTG was so smart so whatever group you are in at the moment is the group receiving the file!