Tips on accessing my docs on the go?

I love DT for Mac, but as you guys probably know DT-to-go is a little lacking.

Does anyone have any tips on accessing my stuff on the Go? I know about Indexing, but the issue with that is I create a lot of Docs in DT. I use the Clipper in Safari a lot, so many of my documents are originated in DEVONthink.

Another issue I have is the DEVONthink To Go Web Clipper. Most things don’t work. Images, PDF. The only thing that seems to work is the WebClipper.

Another thing is…

I kinda wish you guys would change the structure of .dt2base files so that we could run scripts from the Finder. For example, if the folder structure is like this:

The folder structure inside the .dt2base would be the same. That way we could run Folder Scripts on certain folders. For example if a document gets added to the “Complete” folder, you would be able to attach a script that copies any of those files to Dropbox.

Sorry, not gonna happen. The structure is in place for very good reasons and also inhibits people from messing about in there (which you shouldn’t).

The mobile extension will be updated with the new DEVONthink To Go were are working on.

I’ve been using GoodReader rather than DTTG for years – works well with cloud folders that I’ve also indexed in DEVONthink. Many more features than DTTG, since it’s designed for iOS and isn’t dependent on some desktop client. GoodReader is about to get a major update. Clipping to GoodReader on iOS is flawless.

FWIW, another vote for Goodreader.

Why not just index the “Complete” Dropbox folder(s) into DEVONthink, and move all the documents created/captured to DEVONthink the the external (Dropbox) folder(s). Easy enough to do in DEVONthink, either manually or with a triggered script attached to the group and it eliminates duplicate documents that occurs with an attached script that copies the documents.

I’m thinking of just changing my workflow in that I just keep my own folders and just Index everything in DT so that I have control over the structure. Maybe on my iCloud Drive. The only issue with that is that I use the clipper a lot, so a good number of Docs are created from right within DEVONthink.

I’m thinking of using something like EagleFiler alongside DT since they have a really good clipper too.

You guys are the best. Purchasing now.

Yea definitely.

Someone else recommended Goodreader, gut I was hesitant to buy it since I wasn’t sure if I needed it.

Yea, I was thinking of this, but the only issue is that I use the Devonthink Clipper a lot. I wish there were a way to script DEVONthink To automatically export all documents I created from within Devonthink into my iCloud Drive/box as well.

I may be able to rig something up though. Like index everything and then attach some Folder Scripts inside the .database files to export anything containing “.txt” .“rtf” “.pdf” “.webloc” ETC. Or I can just create some Automator Action that would replace the clipper altogether. For example, an Automator action that takes the selected text and saves it to a folder on my Dropbox. That Folder will have an script attached that pumps it into DEVONthink.

Laying pipes like a plumber.

I’d recommend not trying that. Messing with the structure inside the databases in any way is pretty much guaranteed to bite you at some point.

Indexing iCloud Drive in DEVONthink isn’t a great experience. There’s a script that will set up the index, it is only partial. A lot of what Finder shows you in iCloud is not easily available for indexing because of the way Apple integrated iCloud into OS X.

Why would you index everything and then export it with attached scripts? Sure, it’s possible to do lots of automation with DEVONthink, but be careful with triggered scripts. You can end up with a Bizarro patchwork database that is really hard to understand – documents flying in and out of groups without an obvious reason.

Well there is a location where iCloud actually indexes on the OS X Hard Drive.

~/Library/Mobile Documents

I havent tried it yet, but if you were to index from that location, it should be okay. But again, I’d have to try it.

Anyway, thanks for the GoodRadr recommendation. Have you guys tried Documents 5.0? I’ve been using Documents 5 and GoodReader side by side to see which I like more and so far it’s almost even. You guys should check it out if you haven’t. It’s a free app with a really nice interface too.

<removed; none of my business>

Really? Because when I open it it just opens the normal iCloud Drive Folder:

But thanks for the warning. I wouldn’t index that folder anyway. I was talking about indexing it’s Subfolders such as the Goodreader folder, so that way all my Goodreader docs would just automatically be indexed by DEVONthink. You think that’s cool?

I mean it’s all me just bouncing ideas around anyway. I use WebDAV a lot too, and box let’s you log in through WebDAV as well,which is why it’s my favorite

Also, what method you using to Clip to Goodreader on iOS?

Also Also, have you guys ver tried Workflow for iOS? That App is Godly. It’s essentially Automator for iOS.You can run python from within it, etc. It’s crazy.