Tips on batch-removing tags from large numbers of files

I’ve managed to mis-tag an entire in-box group of files (on the iOS side of things, I think) and they’ve synced back to my mac. It isn’t apparent to me how to remove all tags from a selection files all at once. Any tips?


One possibility is to install the script “Remove Tags from Selection”, see menu Scripts > More Scripts… In version 3 you could use batchprocessing or smart rules.

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Thanks for the tip. That script should do what I need, based on its description. Unfortunately when I run it, nothing happens. (that is to say, the script prompts for the name of tags to remove from the selected items, I supply the name/names, but no tags are removed). I’ve tried it a number of time. I may need to wait for the official release of 3.

Is the option Exclude groups from tagging (see File > Database Properties) dis- or enabled?

Exclude groups from tagging is checked

Does it remove any tags?

In this case it’s possible that you didn’t tag the files but the enclosing group as tags of groups are inherited. Therefore please check whether one of the enclosing groups has any tags.

Yes, that was the problem. I believe I may have mistakenly tagged the group on the iOS side of things when I thought I was tagging a file. I could never understand how I had managed to tag all of its children by accident. Thank you!

I used to have this script installed and do not see it anymore and it is not available in my extras anymore.
Is this because since dt3 I should learn now how to batchprocess or how to run smart rules instead ?
Thank you !

Version 3 doesn’t include redundant/obsolete scripts but Tools > Batch Processing… and using the Remove Tags action does exactly this.