Tips to make screenshots in to .pdf format instead of .png

Not really a DevonThink tips but nice regardless. I do not like the .png files and searched how to get all screenshots in .pdf format instead.


  • Open Terminal and type:

defaults write type PDF;killall SystemUIServer

If you change your mind:

  • Open Terminal and type:

defaults write type png;killall SystemUIServer

Just an FYI… … evonthink/
and… … n-capture/

I DID search the forum first - but not good enough.

Everything is already invented by DevonThink…



Note: Two downsides to the process…
The screencapture may not be as crisp as the PNG file.
JPGs and PNGs are still more native and transportable.

Still fun stuff though!

I see that now. But after I run OCR on either the .pdf or .png they become a bit fuzzy regardless or do I do something wrong?

Check your OCR settings in Preferences. You might have down sampled the image, making it fuzzier, by choosing a low dpi resolution. I usually use a setting of 600. The disadvantage of course is that a high resolution requires a larger file, so that the OCR’d PDF is bigger than the original.

Ok, I remember reading in a thread earlier that standard was the best - so 150 right now.

Will change to 300dpi and see if that is a good balance between quality and size.