Titles when using Print dialog

If I use the Clip to Devonthink extension in Safari, the title of the multi-page PDF is captured as the document’s title. Hooray!!! BUT if I perform a save through the print dialog window (i.e., Print > PDF > Save PDF to Devonthink), the document comes through with “Untitled” as the title. I hate having to manually enter the title. Isn’t there anything that can be done about this?

From what application are you using Print > PDF? Not all applications support capturing the document name - it is the application’s shortcoming, not DT’s. For example, Christian once posted in response to a similar question regarding Microsoft Word:

I’m doing it through Safari (latest version: 5.0.3). I’m using the Reader feature then choosing print at bottom of the screen. That brings up the print dialog box and I go through the steps outlined earlier.

Comment: If you click in the page created by Reader and press Command-S to Select All, then use the keyboard shortcut to capture as rich text, Command-) the title will (usually) be properly captured, and the source URL will be included in the Info panel of the new document.

Such a rich text capture is more compact in storage space than a PDF capture. For example, a capture of a Reader page as rich text took 7 KB while capture of the same Reader page as PDF took 53 KB.

Very true. Thanks for the great tip. Not only smaller but file name is correctly populated.

So is the multi-page issue not addressable? Would be nice to have it because your tip creates a file who’s text butts up against the page borders (there’s no comfortable padding).

When I use the Save PDF to DT Pro from the Print dialog box it saves the PDF, but it uses a title from a PDF I saved a long time ago. I can’t get it to use the new title. Any suggestions?