To dos and task lists

Completely new here and to devonthink, so hi everyone.

Just a brief query. I’m a big fan of the ‘to do’ system on the mac and use it heavily via mail and ical to help schedule my time and generally keep on track. I’m really impressed with Devonthink Pro Officethus far (still using the trial), however one feature I can’t seem to find is support for the mac to do system.

I realize I can create checklists and such in DT, but is there any way to have these feed back into the mac’s own to do system, or visa versa so that to dos added in mail/ical appeared in the general DT inbox, etc? I’ve searched the forum and the web and there doesn’t seem to be any mention of this anywhere.

I can see DT has great support for scripting, if it’s not part of the program might it be possible to hack a way around this limitation?

Anyway, any thoughts or comments appreciated!



The next release, public beta 8, will provide a number of smart templates, including creation of Events or To Dos in iCal.