TOC for transclusion in Markdown items?


I noticed that the table of contents in the inspector does not include items added to the document through transclusion.

It’s possible to insert a TOC at the top manually, and in this case the TOC does contain entries referring to transcluded content. However, I would prefer using the inspector (e.g. because it allows scrolling down in the document while viewing the outline).

Would it perhaps be possible to add this improvement in future releases?

The inspector supports both editing and preview mode, transclusion is currently not supported and would be limited to the preview mode.

Thanks for clarifying @cgrunenberg

Just to emphasize: Transclusion is already incredibly useful in its current implementation!

To realize its full potential, I think it needs to become easier to navigate and reorder longer documents with multiple transcluded notes. The outline view would be useful here.

I’ve created a keyboard maestro macro to address two other areas of improvement, which I will share in a different thread.

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The next release will support this but sections of transcluded documents are only supported by the preview.