TOC in HTML documents

Is it possible to use the Inspector’s toc with HTML documents?
If so, then how?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not at this time. @cgrunenberg would need to assess the feasibility of this.

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Only Markdown, PDF and rich text are currently supported.

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Thanks, Jim @BLUEFROG and Chris @cgrunenberg.

One related question:
I have an offline website in my database split in many files. When I open a page, I can read, edit it, highlight stuff and so on.

Main page

So on and so forth

<a href="part002.html">another part</a>

When I follow a link however, I am in a sort of no man’s land where I can only read it, but not edit it. To do so, I will have to actually look for part002.html in my database and open it directly.

I know that if I change part002.html for the x-devonthink-item link, this would solve the problem, but due to the sheer size and number of references, this would be unfeasible.

Is there other alternative here I am not seeing?

Example of one such website.

Not at the moment as HTML doesn’t support Wiki linking.

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Thanks again, Chris!