Toggle facing pages for PDF display?

It seems like DTTG defaults to displaying facing pages when my ipad is in landscape orientation, but there’s no apparent way to toggle whether or not I’d like it to display facing pages. This functionality would be A++ — is there just some way to do this that I’m just not finding?

It’s already there. Settings > PDF Pages = Automatic or Single.

Aha — wonderful. Thanks!

Given this, let me reframe my request: I’d love to be able to force facing pages, rather than relying on “automatic” which I’ve found to be . . . unpredictable? I often have to leave a document and then reenter it to get facing pages, which isn’t ideal.

But what happens when your device goes portrait? Facing pages would lead to a poor viewing experience then.

It’s fine to have an automatic mode that handles this for the user. Sure! Keep that! But being able to easily force facing pages would be very nice, particularly as (a) the setting toggle that is presently available is hard to reach and (b) the automatic setting doesn’t appear to work properly anyhow.

Let me frame this another way: this is not, for me, something I think of as a global preference, where I want to choose a setting, have it apply to everything, and forget it. How the PDF displays is an in-the-moment, case-by-case, document-by-document thing. I would love to be able to change that on the fly. If you want to force a single page view in portrait, I’m fine with that, but at least let me force facing pages in landscape!

A year later, I just want to reiterate that this really bums me out. I want to change this setting all the time and yet I pretty much never do because I need to navigate all the way to the global settings to change it. Please, please, please consider making this option more accessible